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Domain Legal has already established a wide range of clients with various legal needs.  This includes both local and international members.  We have managed cases along the scale; from Residence Applications through to multi-million dollar foreign investments.  Domain Legal is also committed to expanding its clientele.  We think you will find us friendly, professional, adaptable and above all dedicated to excellence.

We offer the best service by tailoring our approach to suit the client’s particular needs.  This involves not only great customer service, but the commitment to understanding our clients and their goals so that we can adjust our own strategies accordingly.  Our comprehensive analysis of your case will indicate the different facets of law and we will endeavour to address each of them in the most expert and efficient way possible.



Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm


97A Grafton Road, Auckland 1010

Tel: +64 9 309 8989

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