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Domain Legal specialises in property transactions for individuals, companies, trusts and other entities.  Our services extend throughout the entire sale and purchase process, ensuring that clients are made aware of their rights and obligations and potential hazards in any transaction.  We bring a keen commercial awareness to all property transactions, helping our clients receive the best deal whether purchasing, selling or developing property.

We have provided assistance with a range of residential property transactions across New Zealand.  We have also worked on several large scale property developments throughout Auckland, and have the expertise to handle the complex processes involved with such projects.

We provide the following services:

Property Due Diligence

Being aware of the risks associated with any property transaction is an essential requirement for anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.  Domain Legal’s team is highly experienced at reviewing all types of documents relating to properties across New Zealand, including sale and purchase agreements, leases and LIM reports.  We also provide thorough reviews of property titles, which often include complex interests such as easements, encumbrances and land covenants.  Domain Legal strives to ensure that you are made aware of all your obligations in relation to any land you wish to purchase or sell, preparing you for a smooth transaction process and helping you to minimise the risks involved with your property matters.


Buying or selling a property is often a lengthy, complicated process.  Our experienced conveyancing team helps take the stress out of conveyancing by diligently making sure that all steps are followed to enable you to purchase or sell your property.  We take great pride in our close attention to detail and precision in conveyancing, which enables us to be aware of all important conditions and terms in any property transaction.  We also adapt well to sudden changes in property transactions, meaning that you will be able to rely on us if any part of a transaction needs to be altered.

Property Development

Property developers look for law firms that can provide the whole range of services required for successful developments.  Domain Legal’s team specialises in all types of property developments, helping clients with all aspects from beginning to completion.  This may include establishing an entity to complete the development, lodging documents for new titles created by subdivision, drafting pre-sale agreements and preparing body corporate documentation.  The firm also assists clients to obtain development funding, and will work closely with lenders to ensure that all conditions are met and that funding can be obtained efficiently.  Domain Legal is committed to helping its clients achieve the best results for their property developments.

Financing/Private Lending

Domain Legal is well aware that obtaining finance for a property purchase is not an easy process for many clients.  The team has significant expertise in helping helps clients obtain funding from alternative lending sources, such as private lenders and financers.  The firm also works with private lenders and financers, assisting them with the relevant documentation and compliance processes to ensure that these lenders are able to smoothly and securely provide loans to individuals.