Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes can arise in any area during your life and business, and can be highly distressing and often costly.  When such a dispute arises, it is important to analyse your legal grounding and have ready access to the courts if necessary.  We call on our experience in a range of legal areas to offer cost-effective, timely and comprehensive legal advice that directly relates to your situation and goals.  We are experienced in all aspects of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and court action, and are well versed at researching legal positions and leveraging bargaining power to obtain the optimal results for clients.  We advise on what options are available for resolution and assist with litigation strategies and risk management.


Initial Approach and Negotiation

Whenever there is a disagreement between parties, it is important to consider whether there is a practical solution available which will achieve your goals.  We can assist in clarifying miscommunications and presenting your position in an attempt to achieve the most beneficial solution.  As this develops into a negotiation, we can adopt successful strategies to help you save time, money and stress.

Court Procedures

We are experienced at handling various matters in the courts and tribunals of New Zealand.  Whether you are bringing a claim or defending against one, we can help you understand the procedures of these forums and provide skilful representation.  Being aware that you will often only have one chance to state your case fully, we can ensure that you are fully prepared and informed.  In addition to our own services, we also work closely with a number of experienced barristers throughout Auckland to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Alternative Resolution Strategies

Our team is also experienced in advising on alternative dispute resolution avenues.  We will assist to identify which avenue is most appropriate to your case.  In certain situations, it may be worthwhile to pursue a resolution through mediation or arbitration.  We have experience in these areas and can provide the relevant information and representation when they are employed.