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John Zhong

Regional Manager

John is the Practice Manager at Domain Legal.  He brings his strong experience in conveyancing transactions to the firm, having been working in the area for over seven years.  He is committed to working hard to maximise the efficiency of the team.  He focuses on keeping close control over contractual deadlines and maintaining frequent communication with the firm’s clients and the solicitors of other parties.  He brings a high attention to detail to every aspect of his work.


John’s transition into legal work was gradual.  After receiving a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Auckland, he spent around two years working as an auditor for a reputable national accounting firm in China.  As his passion for law increased he transitioned into a role as Legal Executive, which he has now filled at multiple firms.  Throughout this time he has developed highly effective routines and a strong interest in helping people.


Although John is very dedicated to his work, he also prioritises friendly and constructive relationships with colleagues and clients.  He is heavily committed to the firm’s goal of offering high quality service to every client.