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Moving between two countries can be a major life decision.  It can be stressful and daunting even without considering the complex legal framework surrounding immigration.  The Domain Legal team has extensive experience in helping people manage the legal side of this process.  We are experienced in providing a comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations and policies regarding foreign entry into New Zealand.  Our immigration team keeps their fingers on the pulse of the constant changes in immigration policies and the regulatory landscape. As such, our team is well geared to provide advice that is up to date, accurate and transparent.  Most importantly, we assist in the preparation of each client’s submission strategy and help to tailor an approach to maximise their chances of success. 

Residence Applications
There is a large range of visas that target different groups of society and allow access into New Zealand.  We are vastly experience on all of these visas, and can provide the right information about the available options for you or your family members.  We commonly assist clients to gain entry with residence applications, including the categories of skilled migrants, partnership, parent, entrepreneurs and investors.  In order to ensure the best chance of success in an application, it is important to have specialised knowledge in each area and to provide the particular information and submissions to meet Immigration New Zealand’s criteria.


Temporary Visas

There are also numerous categories in which to obtain temporary visas.  For example, you may wish to enter or stay in New Zealand to visit family members, attend our schools or universities, or for working purposes.  These visas can often pose the same challenges as residence visas or require even more expertise, so it is important to ensure the application is accurately managed.  As each application and temporary visa may affect your future immigration matters, it is important to ensure that the process is handled with the utmost care.

Special Situations
We delve readily into more problematic areas of immigration law, and pride ourselves on having helped many people that would have otherwise struggled to enter or stay in New Zealand.  We are experienced in applying for character waivers, reassessments and ministerial appeals in situations when your first application has been declined or there are other problems with your application.  We can also help to apply for residency in situations where applicants are currently in New Zealand unlawfully.

In any case, we endeavour to work closely with our clients to plan strategies and achieve our client’s objectives.  Our approach is to always minimise risk and present your application in the strongest light possible, and we work hard to maintain transparent communications with our clients and close contact with the Immigration New Zealand assessors.