Corporate/Commercial Law

The Domain Legal team is experienced in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We have assisted large scale corporations, both local and international, with matters such as structuring, risk management and transaction management. We have helped many clients from diverse backgrounds with/without business knowledge. We apply our efficient and skilled insight to minimise risk and maximise the interests of our clients. Our team has extensive experience in all areas of corporate and commercial law and have the following specialisations:


Business Structuring
We have helped several large corporations and property developers with structuring and restructuring, lending our expertise so that their work is not damaged by the process. We devise risk management strategies for our clients ensure that the business is well positioned to achieve success. We commonly deal with the establishment of joint ventures, trading trusts and specific shareholder agreements.  We can help you to properly assess your options and to efficiently adopt any strategy that can enhance your business. Our attention to detail is a major asset when working in these areas.

Business Acquisitions
We have helped with many business and share acquisitions, including farmland real estate in and around New Zealand or businesses, both large and small, in key cities. We have expertise managing all matters relating to due diligence and compliance. At every step of the process, we always keep a clear picture of timelines and keep abreast of any legal issues that may arise.  We also manage foreign investments with the utmost skill and professionalism. The international nature of these dealings can trigger statutory or compliance issues, and we can oversee the process so to minimise risk of any regulatory breaches. Our team regularly consults with overseas investment enquiries and arranges applications for approval by the Overseas Investment Office.

Franchise and Business Agreements
We have helped many clients with their participation in franchise and agency agreements. Such arrangements generally involve a complex system of interrelated legal documents, which we can condense into relatable terms and offer expert advice about available options. These kinds of agreements can offer substantial rewards but also often entail an element of risk. We have helped many clients to identify these risks and to formulate strategies to mitigate them. We ensure our clients are well informed about the legal framework so that they can make the best business decisions.


We have extensive experience with many different types of contract.  We are experts at working through these agreements and ascertaining the parties’ rights and obligations, then translating this into sound advice to maximise our clients’ claims.  Our experienced commercial team handles high profile claims between businesses with the utmost commitment and focus to our clients’ interests.  We prioritise acquisition of facts and analysing them in the context of client objectives.