Domain legal provide you the best legal service in Auckland

Our Team


Domain Legal is dedicated to offering the best legal solutions for each client, and to ensure that every matter is handled in the most effective manner.  To achieve this, we have developed a talented, experienced and dedicated team.  Each member has invested heavily in their area of expertise and has a strong passion for excellence.  We work closely with each other to ensure every matter is treated with the utmost skill and expediency, and we also transfer this into close communication with our clients.  Each of our members is experienced across a range of fields, allowing us to efficiently and accurately address all legal components of a case.

Domain legal provide you the best legal service in Auckland
Vivian Zhang


Vivian is the Principal of Domain Legal. Her legal career has spanned a range of different practice areas and cultures. Vivian’s main focus at Domain Legal is on commercial dealings and investments, immigration and family law. She approaches each of these areas with a strong commitment to serving her clients and ensuring she understands their needs and goals.


Vivian has developed extensive commercial law and foreign investment experience.  She has worked with several high profile clients in acquisitions of businesses and commercial properties.  She is also specialised in helping these clients with commercial structuring and sophisticated property developments, and thoroughly enjoys applying her skills to ensure the success of these matters.


Vivian has also done a lot of work in private legal areas. She places high importance on offering an in-depth and comprehensive service to clients and building long term professional relationships.  In particular, Vivian has had a long and successful history of providing excellent immigration advice and services, and relishes the ability to help clients in such a personal and sensitive matter.


Vivian actively monitors the changing legal and political landscape as well as contributing to the understanding and development of the law within New Zealand. Because of this she is highly regarded within the legal community.  She has provided commentary on a range of legal issues and has been a member of a number of successful teams and committees working on policy issues.  Vivian is also recognised as a prominent leader within Chinese communities.  She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.


Vivian has developed extensive networks within the legal and finance sector, showing a consistent commitment to her clientele and expanding her service capacity nationally and internationally.  She also contributes towards the private community by making regular appearances in a well-recognised Chinese TV broadcast channel to provide legal insight on a broad range of legal issues.


Vivian is very dedicated to her own family life and cherishes her two young daughters.  She is also committed to fostering close relationships with colleagues and maintaining a positive work environment

Domain legal provide you the best legal service in Auckland

Regional Manager

John Zhong

John is the Practice Manager at Domain Legal.  He brings his strong experience in conveyancing transactions to the firm, and is committed to working hard to maximise the efficiency of the team.  He focuses on keeping close control over contractual deadlines and maintaining frequent communication with both our own clients and the solicitors of other parties.  He brings a high attention to detail to every aspect of his work.


John’s transition into legal work was gradual.  After receiving a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Auckland, he spent around two years working as an auditor for a reputable national accounting firm in China.  As his passion for law increased he transitioned into a role as Legal Executive, which he has now filled at multiple firms.  Throughout this time he has developed highly effective routines and a strong interest in helping people.


Although John is very dedicated to his work, he also prioritises friendly and constructive relationships with colleagues and clients.  He is heavily committed to the firm’s goal of offering high quality service to every client.

Domain legal provide you the best legal service in Auckland


Jason Monigatti

Jason works as a solicitor in the Domain Legal team.  He generally works on the firm’s commercial and immigration matters, and managing commercial property developments. Jason succeeds in these areas by providing a precise attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.  He approaches each matter with a highly analytical mindset, ensuring that each client’s best interests are protected and the appropriate legal strategies are employed.


Jason communicates closely with the other members of his team to ensure that matters are handled efficiently and skilfully, and expands his scope to other areas of the firm when matters call for his expertise. He marries a positive and professional attitude to his legal insights to help any client of the firm to achieve the most favourable outcomes.


Jason has a strong dedication to providing high quality service.  He also has a passion for continuing the development of his own specific legal knowledge and channelling this into promoting the ongoing success of the firm.


Outside the office, Jason has a passion for active pursuits, including squash and field hockey, and thrives in competitive environments.  He also enjoys reading and sailing.  He brings an ambitious enthusiasm to work and life, which he complements with a constant desire to learn and improve.